NEWS & EVENTS [GOCpay] FREE Stingray & GET Double Value Diamonds

[GOCpay] FREE Stingray & GET Double Value Diamonds

Date Posted : 16/11/2020

Various costumes and unique mounts are two of the most favorite items in Rise of Nowlin. Many players determined to collect all of these fantastic accessories any way they can.

So, we are collaborating with GOCpay as one of our official payments in PayandPlay website to give a chance all players to obtain one of the rarest mount in the game, STINGRAY!

Buy Diamonds, Get Stingray FREE!


Period: 16  - 30 November 2020
GOCpay Exclusive Top-Up Event (

Terms & Conditions:

1. This is not a top up accumulation event.
2. During the period, every diamonds purchases with GOC on PayandPlay, will get a DOUBLE VALUE for all denomination.
3. One single purchase of IDR 735,000.00 using GOC payment will get 1 rare mount 'Stingray' (unbind)
4. 1 Role ID can perform multiple transaction of IDR 735,000.00 to get more 'Stingray' accordingly to their number of purchases.
5. This offer is exclusive for the Indonesia market only.
6. Top up using other channel outside GOC will be invalid and will not receive the double value benefit.