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How to Win Every Round in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!

Date Posted : 25/08/2020

Once you played this game, you want to play more! Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout had been viral among gamers for the last few weeks. In 24 hours after it was released on Steam / PC version, the game created by MediaTonic and Devolver Digital has managed to grab more than 1,5 mil players!

This is a very fun battle royale genre game that offers many challenging obstacles. The game will pit you with 59 other players online and compete with each other to be the last survival.

As we know, there are exactly 24 rounds in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, so far. All rounds will be divided into 4 categories; Race, Survival, Team, and Final Round.

Therefore, you need to master all the rounds or at least have some tips on what to expect on those rounds. So, here we go, these following tips may be useful for you when playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Season 1)!


1. Gate Crash

You have to run through several doors that go up and down. Before entering the door, make sure to notice the movement of the door from a distance.

So, you can already pick the door on the next platform to go to. Always choose the one which is dropping down and prepare to jump when crossed the yellow line.

2. Dizzy Heights

In this round, there are some running circle obstacles that you have to pass. The simple tip is not making too many jumps when on the circle obstacles. Only jump when the circle rotates towards another circle.

After the first obstacles, you will also have to watch out for all giant balls that will slam you down or make you fall backward.

3. See Saw

See Saw requires you to pay attention to every movement of the swinging vehicle. You have to be able to predict when the vehicle will swing right and left.

Don't jump with other players, because the load on the rides will be unbalanced and will make you fall. To jump, make sure the rocker is flat or another player is trying to balance.

4. Hit Parade

In this round, you will meet a vehicle that can blow you away instantly. You have to be able to pay attention to every movement of the giant ball that swings right and left.

Also, make sure you don't walk safely with other players because it is likely that you will be hit by the giant ball attack.

5. Door Dash

This round is very similar to the one in Takeshi Castle serial TV show. Yup, let other players lead the way.

Make him guess which door is safe to pass and you just have to go with the flow of the other players.

6. Tip Toe

In this round, make sure you are not at the very front. It is better if you are in the middle with other players.

Because, if you fall while in front, then you will fall far behind.

7. Fruit Chute

The Fruit Chute was considered a very short race but many players were fooled. This round will be more difficult for you with all the fruit and wood are ready to tackle.

To be able to escape this round, you just need to walk on the right or left side and take advantage of the pyramids on the right and left so you don't get hit by fruit.

8. Slime Climb

Slime Climb is one of the difficult rounds in the Race category. The reason is that you will be faced with various annoying obstacles that can make you fall and start over from scratch.

To be able to pass this, you have to pay attention to every obstacle movement properly to qualify.


1. Block Party

Block parties usually only appear when there are only 20 participants. Because it is very difficult and you have to be able to guess every block that appears.

But if it feels difficult, you can also get close to players who are very good at guessing the blocks. So, you can follow every move they made until you qualify.

2. Jump Club

To get through this round you only need to pay attention to every movement of the green and red poles to jump.

Try not to be close to other players, because there are only idle players who will hug you with them.

3. Roll Out

Roll Out is a Survival round which is considered quite easy among other rounds. Once again, a careful eye and hand responsiveness is the key to victory in this round.

Make sure you are relaxed enough to face each of these obstacles, because if you panic you will be carried away and fall by the wall on these rides.

4. Tail Tag

In this Tail Tag round, you need luck because it is very difficult to take a tail from an enemy.

So, to qualify, at least you can hope that you and other friends on the team are also good at it.

5. Perfect Match

This round requires a sharp memory because you have to stand in a box according to the picture that appears.

To get past it, you have to pay attention and remember carefully each picture position in the box and be ready when the image appears.


1. Rock 'N' Roll

To qualify for this round, you just have to keep dribbling the ball into the goal. Sometimes many players are crowded around to push the ball.

The ball can be controlled by only two players. So that other players can interfere with the opponent's ball to make it more exciting.

2. Fall Ball

This round is similar to Rocket League, you are advised to keep attacking the enemy, not letting the ball go.

If there is a goal, hurry back to the middle to get ready to head a new ball.

3. Egg Scramble

This round, which is divided into three teams, requires you to win as many eggs as possible.

Make sure where your position is, it is more fun to grab eggs from enemy territory, but it is also more important to protect your base from enemies trying to grab eggs.

4. Team Tail Tag

Almost the same concept as the Tail Tag round, but the difference is that you will be divided into three teams.

Because this is divided into teams, so you can work together with other colleagues to be able to snatch the tail from the opposing team player.

5. Jinxed

In this round, you have to run as agile as possible so you don't get hit by Jinx by the opposing team.

Instead, ask one of your team members to touch all members of the opposing team to get them to hit Jinx.

6. Hoarders

In this round, luck and good players will make you qualify.

Due to the difficulty of communication and no strategic arrangement, you and your other teammates will only win each other's giant ball and bring it to the base.

7. Hoopsie Daisy

In this round, you will be tasked with jumping over every circle that appears randomly to get the highest score. To succeed in this game, the method is quite easy, you can wait to stand until the circle appears.

It's easier than if you were running around to catch the ring that appeared.


1. Royal Fumble

In this final, you have to defend or grab the tail from the enemy.

If you are lucky enough then you can get a tail at the beginning of the game because you just keep dodging and running between the existing obstacles.

2. Fall Mountain

This final round has a lot of obstacles that are quite difficult. To be successful in this round you have to pay attention to every direction the ball moves from a distance.

Because if you get hit, you will quickly be overtaken by other players.

3. Hex-A-Gone

Finally, the hardest round in this round. Because you have to try not to fall over the tiles that can fall when stepped on.

The way to make it through is simply to start walking on the edge and don't let other players get in front. Because if there are players in front, the chances of you falling will be even greater.

So, are you excited to test all the above tips on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? Good luck and hope you can win to be last survival!