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Strengths & Weaknesses of Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends

Date Posted : 16/07/2020

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang presents a new marksman hero named Popol and Kupa. Officially released on April 21, 2020, he is the only hero with a pet that can help him fight.

On its description, Popol and Kupa are the Marksman hero with a specialty of push and burst damage which makes them the strongest duo of Northern Icefield.

Well, to be a good player of Popol and Kupa, you must not be lulled only by his devastating abilities. So, we would recommend you to study their strengths and weaknesses.


1. Fast farming hero

As we mention above, Popol and Kupa are not like Irithel or Claude who also have pets but not to help them fight. In fact, Kupa is not just any ordinary pet and enemies should be wary with this blue wolf.

Kupa will be able to help Popol farm in the early stage of the game, and not die. Because the jungle monster will only focused on Kupa, not Popol. So, Kupa can become the shield and tank that Popol needs to kill jungle monster quickly.

2. High burst damage

Even in a very early game, Popol and Kupa already capable of bursting high damage in any fight. Because when Popol attacks, Kupa does the same. Kupa will also get 100% of the attributes used by Popol.

Popol gets a stack every time Kupa deals damage. And, the stack will show above Popol's head. If it is full, the basic attack of Popol will provide additional physical damage.

We can even maximize this passive skill with attack speed items so that the stack can be filled faster. It's either to use the Scarlet Phantom, Windtalker, or Demon Hunter Sword.

3. Have crowd control skills

Popol and Kupa also have two crowd control skills. Both skills are giving a knock-up effect. When the opponent is approaching, use skill 2 (only after the ultimate skill is activated).

Besides the second skill, the CC effects come from skill 3. This skill has a mechanism that is almost the same as Selena's first skill. Both can provide traps.

Although the trap by Popol is not as big as Selena's, it is still effective to stop the opponent's movements. Because the trap will provide an immobilize effect and a slow effect in the specific area.

4. Very strong in early game

Just like Karrie or Granger, Popol and Kupa are also very strong marksmen in the early game. This hero is fairly powerful for all phases of the game from early to late game with his annoying ultimate skill.

Any enemies that try to approach him have to think twice whether his ultimate skill has been used or not. If not, he could just die by the Popol combo. He is very strong because he has a tanker ready to protect him.

5. High health regen

Popol and Kupa do not have a lifesteal as big as Alucard, Alpha, and Ruby. But his mechanism of HP regen is similar to Sky Guardian Helmet item effect. Regen HP will occur when leaving the battle or not taking damage.

6. A faultless carry

Popol and Kupa are one of the faultless carry heroes with his complete abilities. He has devastating burst damage, so he can carry his team to turn things around. Then this hero also has CC skills (from skills 2 and 3), so easy to solo kill.

Popol and Kupa can also be left alone without having to be assisted like any carry hero in general. Because the durability of this hero is quite adequate for solo lane thanks to his ultimate skill. This hero combo is strong enough to hold the enemies and counter-attack instantly.


1. Popol is still dependent on Kupa

The first weakness of Popol is to rely heavily on Kupa to attack, defend, and even other functions.

Popol could not do much when Kupa died. Even his ultimate skills cannot be used alone. Then, skill 1 and 2 can only be used to summon Kupa again.

2. Takes time to summon Kupa

When Kupa dies, you can just revive it with skill 1 and 2. But after being killed 2 times in a row, there will be a long cooldown of 20 seconds before calling him back.

In addition, the time to summon Kupa is also quite long. The mechanism is the same as Recall and it takes about 3 seconds while standing still in one spot.

3. Lack of escaping skills

Popol and Kupa are the faultless carry heroes but they didn't have a blurry skill mechanism at all. It doesn't have dash or blink skills like Karrie, Granger, and Bruno.

Indeed Kupa can protect Popol by using skill 2. But it is less effective if there is more than one enemy. We will also have difficulty to roam quickly. As an alternative, we can use Flicker or Sprint to escape or chase enemies.

4. Minus area damaging skills

Another weakness of Popol and Kupa is that it does not have the area damaging skills. We can only damage single hero, so in team fight, Popol can be easily captured.

5. Small health pool

Popol is also a hero who has a very thin HP. So, he can easily be one combo hit by assassin heroes and killed instantly.

There you go, some of the strengths and weaknesses of Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends. Make any adjustments while playing and hope this guide helps you!