NEWS & EVENTS Interesting Easter Eggs in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Interesting Easter Eggs in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Date Posted : 20/04/2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most anticipated games in 2020. Most of the gamers claim to be satisfied with the visual performance coupled with a better combat design compared to the Final Fantasy XV. Besides, the design of a semi-open world also becomes more interesting where we can freely explore the Midgar.

As legendary as it can be, Final Fantasy VII Remake also includes several interesting easter eggs that you can find. Basically from the reason why Cloud has a spike hair model till the Moogle Medals. And, here are the best easter eggs that appear in Final Fantasy VII Remake!

1. Cloud's Hair Spike

This is probably a quite silly easter egg where an advertisement attached to one of the Midgar building walls is showing a hair tonic that can make hair spike.


There is even cool writing in the ad that said users will have radiant and spiky hair. It's so obvious that Cloud must have been using this brand to make his hair looks spiky and shining.

2. Banora White from Crisis Core

When you enter the train station area in the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, you will see a poster that advertises Banora White Quality Apple Juice.


Any fans of Final Fantasy must realize that Banora is the name of a village famous for the special fruit known as Banora White or Dumbapple. It is said that these apples bear fruit randomly each year which makes its quality is quite high.

3. Moogle Medals

In the early explanation, we already mentioned if there was an easter egg about the Moogle Medals from the game Kingdom Hearts. Yes, Moogle Medals is here in Final Fantasy VII Remake as an easter egg that is quite interesting to look at.


According to the description that appeared in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Moogle Medals are quite valuable to collectors. In Kingdom Hearts itself, this one medal can indeed be sold. The iconic Moogle Medals is truly a distinctive memory especially for true lovers of Kingdom Hearts series.

4. Chanting After the Battle

As the game has changed its mechanism by adding many features to make it like an action game, Final Fantasy VII Remake is arguably not completing every battle as it was used to be.

In the past, every time a battle ends we were usually treated with memorable songs that kept ringing in our hearts and eventually became iconic songs. But Square Enix added an easter egg to the end of each battle where Barret will sing the final theme song of the battle in a tone like in the PlayStation 1 era.

5. Cloud's Unique Ability

This Easter egg might only be understood by some older fans of Final Fantasy VII. Because every fighter in Final Fantasy VII Remake will have its unique abilities. And for Cloud, he has two unique abilities. The first one is the Operator Mode, and the other is the Punisher Mode.


In Operator Mode, Cloud has a balanced battle statistic. Meanwhile, in Punisher Mode, Cloud will lose its speed but in terms of power, he will be granted so much power. The cool thing is, Cloud's fighting position in Operator Mode will be similar to Zack Fair. But, while in Punisher Mode, he will have a similar look as Sephiroth when holding the Masamune.

So, what do you think? They are interesting and cool Easter Eggs, right! Some of you probably already play this Final Fantasy VII Remake, and if you ever missed one of these easter eggs, go find them now ^_^