NEWS & EVENTS New Server 20% Bonus Top Up

New Server 20% Bonus Top Up

Date Posted : 20/01/2020

Extra Blue Diamonds on Every Purchase!

Welcome new legends! To celebrate the opening of Rise of Nowlin new server, ENDLESS RUINS, and near the Chinese New Year celebration, we will have a special event for you! Join now and claim your 20% Bonus Top Up via Play and Play (PnP)!

This event begins on January 24th and finished January 30th, 2020. In the event period of time, you can get more blue diamonds (20% bonus) when purchasing Top Up through Pay and Play website, or the mobile app, by selecting your desired denom.


As a note, you will earn the 20% extra diamonds in two days after your successful Top Up, and will be sent through your mail box.

Make sure to login the game and stay tuned on Rise of Nowlin social media for the latest news!