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Calling All Legends to Unite. Decide Your Fate!

Rise of Nowlin is a mobile RPG with classical gameplay aim to bring back the glory of MMORPG spirit. Combine simple familiar features with innovation, the game promise a lot of challenges and excitements. Deep character customization, skills effect, mounts collection an epic PVP/PVE gameplay within the attractive story.Set in enthralling fantasy world of Nowlin, experience the amazing adventures with Western-style graphics scenery with popular mythical creatures. The storyline so special that can make you realize and wonder. Even every class has its own background tales. It begun where a hero inherit special blood and destined to be guardian saviour. Be a bold brave knight who will chase and face the darkness shadow of Asados. Inside these magical and panoramic surroundings, the battle between two faction Dark and Light Legion continues. ★ Dominate the PvP Arena Sharpen your character resilient against other player by follow the Arena. Hunting World offer both cooperative and competitive styles of war. Camp Battle, Guild Battle, or even Arena, can be can be chosen to be the strongest. ★ Defeat Epic Bosses Start hunt and find variety Boss or Giant-Monsters in a large map. The map has a wide variety of unique and diverse dungeons. Defeat those Boss or Giant-Monsters becoming a solo player as well as parties, and get rare items from it. ★ Decide your Camp The heroes are divided between the Light Camp and Dark Camp. Those camps are turn into chaos and endless confrontation. Choose one of those two camps, and prepare yourself.