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26 September 2021
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For more than three months, the first and biggest virtual cosplay competition in Indonesia is at its peak! SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards 2021  The Final Showdown has crowned the Most Favorite Cosplayers and Lucky Voters, on Sunday (09/26), at Visual Unilumin Mandiri (VUM), Photography Studio, Jl. Kemanggisan Illir Raya No.30, Kemanggisan - West Jakarta.

Each phase is passed by all the contestants, as well as the voting period for a whole month, finally now being completed through the selection of favorite Cosplayers from the A7 and General categories. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards awarding ceremony was held virtually and can be seen via the Official Showtime YouTube and the Official ST Fanpage.


"We see a void of activity for Cosplayers who seem to be locked in their creativity during this pandemic, let alone their connection with fans seems to be hindered. From that thought, we created the Showtime platform as a unifying forum for the Cosplay community and all its fans," said Nicholas Ivan, Product Manager Showtime in PT. 8 Elements. "As our real contributions, we are holding the SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards 2021. Hopefully this event can be routine in the future and get bigger."


The live streaming event, hosted by Darius Drew and Mindy, went smoothly starting from the Coswalk stage, then the video presentation, to finally the judging process by the jury which finally determined 9 winners, namely 1st-3rd place from the voting results for General category and A7. While the other three winners were chosen by the Jury (Judge's Favorite, Most Original, Best Make Up). The three judges who conducted the assessment were Ola Aphrodite, Zee Liu, and Rian CYD.


"Personally, I'm happy that there is an event like this (Showtime Cosplay Awards – red), and seeing the enthusiasm of the competition participants who take part in the event is really good. It's even more exciting to attend and become a judge," said Zee Liu, a member of the Jury at Showtime Cosplay Awards. "At first glance, there are a lot of potential and new talents can be seen from the photos on the site. All creative too. It's very difficult to choose to be our favorite."



A7 Category

1. KJC
2. Icetea
3. Zeya

General Category

1. Le le
2. Kevin
3. Aria

Best Make Up


Judge's Favorite


Most Original


As a complementary entertainment, the Final Showdown event also brought guest stars from the Showtime Hero community who looked stunning in Kamen Rider costumes.



In addition to distributing prizes for the winners of the Cosplay competition, the Final Showdown - Showtime Cosplay Awards also held a Fortune Wheel where supporters (Voters) are entitled to attractive prizes such as Fujifilm X-T20 camera, Samsung A72 smartphone, Xiaomi Note 10 Pro, as well as Showtime's custom e-money.



About Showtime

SHOWTIME is a one-stop entertainment platform and newest business unit of PT. 8 Elements as unifying forum for the cosplay and anime communities to share new and exciting creative contents with their fans.

In the SHOWTIME online media portal, visitors participate in various activities about anime and cosplay, along with other interesting features such as artist profiles, video interviews, rankings, contest voting, and much more!

Showtime opens opportunities for collaboration with various parties to hold events and programs in related fields. The latest project is an online cosplay competition with the title SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards 2021!

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