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[RON] The Undeniable War in Crow's Perch

09 Maret 2021
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CROW'S PERCH will be the name for the new merge server in the next update. Finally, your deepest desire to battle with all legends from 4 servers is going to be fulfilled!

No more hold-up, fight all out till the last drop of blood to defend your camp from the enemies accross your camp. Bring your strongest allies and be victorious against your sworn-enemies, hunt them in every map!

Are you ready for one last ultimate battle between Light versus Dark?


Date: March 9th, 2021 (after maintenance finish)


10 times of monster killing - TWISTED KING
10 times of monster killing - SOUL STEALER
10 times of monster killing - VOLCANO KING
Spend 2,000 Blue Diamonds
Minimal Top Up - $10.99 (in the event duration)

REWARD: Pioneer Wing (new release)



Rare items will be sold in much cheaper price in the MALL, with a limited capacity and only at specific time each day!

DISCOUNT 60% (from the original price)

Crate Gold (500) - 360 Diamonds

DISCOUNT 50% (from the original price)

Purple Signet Bag (1,000) - 50 Diamonds
Book Camp Switch* (10) - 1,500 Diamonds
Badge: Dungeon (10) - 50 Diamonds
S Lucky Scroll (100) - 30 Diamonds

DISCOUNT 40% (from the original price)

Skin: Frost (100) - 840 Diamonds
Skin: Oath (100) - 780 Diamonds
Safety Scroll (1,000) - 60 Diamonds

DISCOUNT 30% (from the original price)

Fodder C (5,000) - 70 Diamonds


SPECIAL LOGIN (7 days reward)

Day 1 - Purple Signet Bag (50)
Day 2 - Fodder C (50)
Day 3 - Beast Stone (50)
Day 4 - Skin: Goblin (10)
Day 5 - HP Syrup B (20)
Day 6 - Polishing Potions Pack (1)
Day 7 - Eternal Wing (1)



Small EXP Potions
Guardian Feather
Fodder C
Lv.100 S-Weapon
Forging Soil Crystals
Forging Ice Crystals
Forging Ice Sources
Lv.100 S Bracer
Lv.100 S Ring
D Random Gem
Lv.100 S Clothes
White Feather
Dream Feather



"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."

After the merge server, you will have to make a party with at least 5 members from each guild (maximum of 10 players in a team) to reach the limit BP of 5.000.000 per team. The sooner you form a party, go buy the TOURNAMENT TICKET exclusively through PNP!

Remember that each team must only consists of two characters in same class. So, in a team of 10 members, there will be exactly 2 Archers, 2 Warriors, 2 Priest, 2 Mages, and 2 Assassins. It would be a tight and massive battle!