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[Rise of Nowlin] Battle the ULTIMATE WAR in MIDDLE EAST Server!

24 Maret 2020
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Rise of Nowlin, as the new Open World MMORPG that was intended for hardcore gamers, had grown so much bigger since our first Alpha Test in August, last year. The early version was released simultaneously in three countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines). It was expanding to other countries in SEA region, including Indonesia, which published by Dunia Games, early this year.

Now, the game has four active and global servers who are played by so many gamers from different countries and regions. We believe that every player deserves to have a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience which requires frequent and real-time interaction between players. That means all players need to share the same various game contents; such as our latest Level 80 update, including New Arathor Map, More Engaging PvP Contents (Light vs Dark minimum level requirement), Improved Boss Monsters, and also other adjustments to the items or better gears.


Therefore, we are launching the MERGE SERVER, called MIDDLE EAST, to accommodate all of the above mentioned for all players. The server will officially be launched after the MAINTENANCE on March 24th, 2020! You can check any info regarding the Middle East server on the Official Facebook Fanpage Rise of Nowlin SEA. We will gladly answer all of your questions there.


  1. Honor Grounds now will meet Fairy Lake and Endless Ruins. Honor Grounds server will be the home for this merge server, which means Fairy Lake and Endless Ruins will lose their ranks and other data related to rank. Merge server also keeps your top 3 highest level character from all servers with the same account. If the level is duplicated, we will choose the highest spending on the character. Other characters will be removed.
  2. Soul Stone and Fodder C will be put on mall promotion. It is time for you to increase your Totem and Mount status!
  3. We change Lucky Wheel rewards to be more interesting by putting back Gem LV7 & LV10! Do not worry about item stack in your inventory, there are also Gold and PDOs in the Lucky Wheel!!
  4. World Boss is giving more rewards! There are 24 items of LV6 gems for you to grab! Also, 24 boxes of PDOs from the drops! World Boss loot will be decided by the last hit, so the CAMP who takes the last hit will earn the right to loot the drops. So be cooperative! And, killing the world boss will give experience for those who killed it.
  5. Reducing the EXP gained from Light vs Dark and Guild War.
  6. The installation process can now be continued inside the game! You only need around 300mb to play the game from the beginning. There are rewards too! So, invite your friends to join the game!
  7. Some translation is now fixed.
  8. Camp status and rank title is changed and had a better visual appearance.


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