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The Difference Between Content Creators, Content Writers and Copywriters

06 Desember 2022
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These professions; content creators, content writers and copywriters have similar tasks which is creating contents. But they are actually three different jobs. What is the difference between these three professions?

There is still a misperception for these professions. Basically content creators are those who are responsible for creating content in digital media, in the form of photos and videos. They will focus more on the visual side of content.

Meanwhile, content writers and copywriters are types of work that focus on writing contents. But, their goals will carry different functions. The writings from a content writer are more focus on the product or service descriptions, while copywriters write article with the purpose of persuade.

With the differences, these three professions have one fundamental thing in common, which is to get engagement and traffic to certain media.

Know the Differences

The differences mentioned above are only in general terms, but in more detail to understand each profession, you can see below.


Literally, content creators means creating contents with high and strong creative aspects. Apart from that, it also requires good dexterity in producing interesting content. The more interesting the content, the greater the enthusiasm of the audience.

The responsibilities of a content creator will be broader in scope. Starting from visual media such as photos and videos, to graphic and visual design. However, it is not uncommon for content creators to work together with content writers and copywriters.

In addition, the content produced is not limited to written media. Video content is usually created for social media Youtube, while shorter photo or video content is via Instagram.

Not only creative in producing content, this work also requires you to understand using many tools. Likewise understanding the brand and target market, so that content is more effective.


As content writers in the form of articles, we have to make the articles as attractive as possible. Content writers must be able to clearly describe the content they create. Usually a content writer writes content to be published on the company's website or media.

Another thing that content writers need to have is writing skills. Always use good and correct words so that many people can easily understand them. In addition, understand the target audience for writing that is made. Don't forget to always research things that are currently being discussed by the public so that the content becomes trending.

The more trending an article is, the more trusted our job as content writers is. To be easily accessible to many people, the content created must be SEO friendly. There are many tips so that your content is more optimal in search engines. If it's easy to find, of course the article has a lot of engagement and has an impact on traffic on your site.


This is a type of work to create writing content that aims to be persuasive. The main function of content produced by a copywriter is to make the target interested in buying a product. Expertise in promoting an item through written content is the main weapon as well as the biggest challenge for copywriters.

Apart from writing, another skill that a copywriter must have is the ability to analyze products. This job always requires you to be able to show the best side and details of a product in written content. The more personal and organic your writing is, the greater the selling value of the product you write.

Copywriters are usually very useful for increasing sales of a product in a company. The more interested people are in buying because of the content written, the more successful the job of a new copywriter can be. Wording persuasively might make many people interested in buying your product.

So, how clear is the function of each content creator, content writer or copywriter? Now you can focus more on creating content that you are most good at in order to optimize your achievements in the profession you are in. Keep your spirits up!