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VIRAL! Hana Parker, The Real Life Spider-Woman with Hijab

20 Desember 2021
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The great hype of cinema connoisseurs in Indonesia is now finally satisfied after the Spider-Man: No Way Home film started airing last week. However, netizens also chirped when the portrait of a woman wearing a hijab was wearing a costume ala this spider superhero in a very guidance style hehe..

It's normal to see someone while watching any superhero movie wearing a costume like their favorite hero. It's the same with many Spider-Man-style audiences at the premiere of the film, but this woman's figure is not a tight model but a onesie type or stretchy baggy pants.

The appearance is even more different from the cinemagoers in costumes of other heroes while still wearing the Spider-Man-style hijab. As seen in the post via Twitter, by the @Buzz_Inside account, which is now viral among netizens. The content creator also gave a unique nickname in his upload by calling the girl Fitri Parker.


Investigating, it turns out that the real name of 'Fitri Parker' is Raihanah, it is said that she is more often called Hana (21), a woman from South Jakarta. He commented that he was attending the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, last Tuesday (14/12), in Gandaria City.

In another unique story, it turns out that the Spider-Man cosplay that Hana used was a gift from Dicky, her boyfriend who also accompanied Hana to watch it at the time. Incidentally, Dicky is also a member of the Indonesian Spider-Verse Community.

"This is a form of enthusiasm and a sense of excitement for me watching the Spider-Man (No Way Home) film," said Hana, quoted from (16/12). "I accompanied my girlfriend who was wearing a Spider-Man costume or cosplay. We were invited directly by Sony Pictures Indonesia."


You can also see Hana's 'Fitri Parker' style and appearance with Spider-Man cosplay via her TikTok account (@raihanaaw). Although he admitted that he was a bit embarrassed that his photo went viral, but because there were a lot of funny netizen comments, he just enjoyed it more.

Besides Fitri Parker, Spidey-Ukhti, or Spider Hijabers, do you have any other cool nicknames for Hana?