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Who Wins SpookFest 2021? Watch Final Battle Tomorrow!

10 November 2021
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Who will be the winner of Showtime SpookFest 2021? After the first and second elimination rounds, there are only 20 participants left on the competition for THE FINAL BATTLE, watch who will win on LIVE tomorrow (11/11) night!

Voting period will be officially closed at midnight, so everyone who still wants to support their favorite participants, wait no more..go vote now :)

The winner of this competition is not only in terms of VOTING but also determined from the assessment of the JURY. Here is the appearance of the judges who look very cool!


ShowFans can also get exclusive merchandise from THE FINAL BATTLE! Take note of the broadcast date, only via FACEBOOK SHOWTIME.




Thursday, November 11th, 2021

at 12.00 AM


*Winner Announcement, Lucky Wheel, Giveaway Voucher Sushiroll


About Showtime

SHOWTIME is a one-stop entertainment platform and newest business unit of PT. 8 Elements as unifying forum for the cosplay and anime communities to share new and exciting creative contents with their fans.

In the SHOWTIME online media portal, visitors participate in various activities about anime and cosplay, along with other interesting features such as artist profiles, video interviews, rankings, contest voting, and much more!

Showtime opens opportunities for collaboration with various parties to hold events and programs in related fields. The latest project is an online cosplay competition with the title SHOWTIME Cosplay Awards 2021!

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Founded in 2003 by Joerg Tente, 8elements is a privately held company based in Hong Kong and Jakarta. Armed with the experience and dedication of the team for more than 10 years, PT. 8 Elements in Jakarta is now designated as the company's operational center.