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Open New Server, Rise of Nowlin Invites a Global Brawl!

14 October 2021
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RON is rising again! All this time, Rise of Nowlin was intended for gamers in Southeast Asia, and now the Mobile MMORPG with intense PVP features is ready to invade the world and spread global riots!


Rise of Nowlin is ready to open a new server with the name SOLSTICE OF LEGENDS which provides an opportunity for all players to compete again from a fresh start. Make sure you take note of the server's opening date:


Thursday, October 14th, 2021
(after maintenance)

To welcome thousands of new players from all over the world who are ready to enter the RON gate, there is a series of exciting and interesting events with a variety of tempting prizes!

1. Playstore 50% discount
2. Triple Value PNP
3. Lucky Daily
4. Milestone Top Up (via Google Play)
5. Top Up Bonus (PNP exclusive)
6. LIVE Stream
7. Auction Day
8. RON New Value Packages


1. Festival Mission
2. 7 Days Login
3. Special Item Discount
4. Collecting Event


While most Mobile MMORPGs offer a lot of convenience with idle options, Rise of Nowlin (RON) restores the appeal of non-stop war through a variety of intense PK features and boosts the adrenaline of the players!

In essence, you claim to be a hardcore gamer? Play Rise of Nowlin!


1. Faction War; eternal war between two opposing camps or factions in RON
2. Daily Activities; variety of daily activities that reward players
3. World Bosses; a row of big monsters with awesome power drop cool items
4. Profession; Choice of professions for character and equipment upgrades
5. Mounts & Skins; unique mounts and armor accessories for you to collect
6. Wings; various wings with different shapes and stats
7. Light versus Dark; the most intense PVP feature between two factions in RON
8. Guild Wars; Prestige competition between Guilds in a large arena map
9. Non-stop PK; open world concept with the possibility of PK anywhere and anytime!