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[RON] Happy Independence Day for Malaysia and Vietnam

02 September 2021
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Tuesday - August 31st, 2021
Current Events:

Festival of Independence Day

1. PNP Exclusive 4X Value will end today at midnight.
2. Milestone Top Up (via Google Play) & Bonus Purchase (PNP) will also end today at midnight.
3. BEST TOP UP (via ingame)
Server Crow's Perch:
Prize: Mount CERBERUS
Prize: Mount AVALON
Server Abandoned Gaia:
Prize: Mount CERBERUS
Prize: Mount AVALON


Next Events for September:
1. PNP Exclusive 3X Value will run in the whole month.
2. Discount 50% via Playstore will run in the whole month.
3. Milestone Top Up (via Google Play) & Bonus Purchase (PNP) will be revamped later on September with many new stuff.
4. New RON Promo Packages will be available later.
5. RON Recruitment Benefits Program.
6. LIVE Streaming & Auction Day! will run routinely every Friday on 4PM till end, where some invaluable items will be auctioned.
7. ARISAN Guild; to help other members in Guild.
8. SPIN YOUR FORTUNE; will be the new concept of Lucky Wheel.
LAST UPDATE: (08/27/2021)
- Fix the World Boss drop items
- Fix all the Reaping Days that was not giving multiple EXP.
- Fix Lucky Wheel bug
- Changing rewards for daily login on Day 30th & Day 31st.
- Lower the level requirement for Light versus Dark.
* Other Bugs that are still in development:
- Developers are still trying to make Guild War three times a week, maybe next update.
- Developers are still trying to fix the invincible bug using specific signet.
- Developers are still trying to find out what is wrong with the Divinity stat points.
* Bugs that won't be fixed, or removed:
- Intelligence, Subversion and Sky Trial are broken and cannot be fixed again. Future update, they will be removed.
NOTE: If you ever find any other bugs besides all on the above list, please come forward and let us know through private chat here, or Whatsapp.