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Aurora 7 Indonesia Closes Commercial Services Today

19 July 2021
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Since the official launch of Aurora 7 Indonesia in March, we have shared many happy and sad memories together, but fate has also broken the bonds of intimacy all this time.

Last weekend, we announced that starting on August 20, the Aurora 7 Indonesia server will be officially closed. And, with a heavy heart, as of today (19/07) all commercial services or Top Up access via PayandPlay (PNP) and Playstore (Google Play & AppStore) will be stopped.

The reason for the closure of the Aurora 7 Indonesia server itself is not a technical problem or a problem in the game, but rather because there is no further agreement between us from the publisher and the developer regarding one or two things.

We are very sorry that this happened even though it was short but it was very memorable for the whole team. Hopefully this farewell is just the beginning of the next meeting in our other game products in the future.

There are several events and of course special programs for loyal players who want to try out all the features in Aurora 7 Indonesia, if you are still curious to try it.

For gamers who like challenges and are interested in super intense PK features, you can join the Rise of Nowlin gamer community with various benefits as former A7 players on its new server, The Abandoned Gaia!

Keep an eye on the appreciation event info that you can follow through postings on the official Aurora 7 Indonesia Fanpage.