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RON Big Update: Wedding System (Part 2)

23 September 2020
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The wedding system is also an essential content of our upcoming BIG UPDATE for Rise of Nowlin. This feature allows the player to marry one another and get more benefits. How to get married in RON?

Well, the process depends on your intimacy level with a certain player in-game. So, find your true soulmate in Rise of Nowlin and begin to take an adventure together!

After reaching a certain level of Intimacy, you will be able to propose him/her. If they accepted the proposal, your wedding ceremony will then be registered to be held on a specific Wedding Venue!

The celebration itself will have 3 (three) categories (Sweet, Lovely, and Dream Ceremony); which determines how many invitations can attend your wedding party.

This event will be your one-lifetime experience with all the special treatments from the venue, marriage vow, and every player who attends the ceremony. So, are you guys ready to get married?

But, interestingly, after the marriage then you can also apply for a Divorce! In which, we don't recommend to do so, but if your heart belongs to other then pursue your true love!

Any player who wants to unlock this feature must be at least reach level 85. And the intimacy level can be upgraded with some materials drop from the monster in-game. Excited, guys? Let's wait for more details or visual on the wedding process soon!