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Discover Skilled and Talented Students in Menpora Cup Esports 2020

28 Juli 2020
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Although still in a pandemic situation, the Indonesian government remains fully committed to supporting the development of esports at a young age for the continued regeneration of student talent in online game competition.

Especially when the electronic game industry or esports has become more promising in recent times. Therefore the Menpora Cup Esports 2020 is being held to embrace some of the most skillful and talented students in Indonesia.

The Menpora Cup Esports will become the first esports tournament in Indonesia which opens opportunities for young people at the junior and senior high school level, also university students to compete in the esports game.


As Minister of Youth and Sports (MENPORA), Zainudin Amali is taking a responsibility to protect the next generation of Indonesia's young people. One of the steps shown is by holding the Menpora Cup Esports 2020 as a means for students to achieve their non-academic goals.

"The AXIS Menpora Cup Esports 2020 is supported by the government to continue to turn on positive sports and provide benefits especially for Indonesia's young generation," said Zainudin Amali, from KINCIR (07/28).

The tournament will be held quite long. There is a qualification phase of four groups which will begin on August 1. The Grand Final match and its closing will be held on October 3 and 4. Because it was held during the pandemic, the Menpora Cup Esports 2020 will also be held entirely online.

Later, all of the applicants must be registered as a school or college institution. Each team must consist of members from one educational institution, starting from junior high, high school, vocational school, and university. The age limit for players is 16 to 24 years.

This event is indeed based to open up opportunities for young talents who want to shine in the Mobile Legends esports scene. Because the team that champions will take part in other professional competitions.

Previously, Kemenpora had held an esports tournament, namely the Youth National Esports Championships in 2019 with a choice of the Arena of Valor and Free Fire games. This time, Mobile Legends was chosen as the game expected to nurture young talents.


For those of you who are interested, just bookmark the official site of the Menpora Cup Esports 2020 at this LINK. The tournament, with its slogan #EsportsDariRumah, is expected to show the fighting spirit of young people who want to shine in esports. So, let's wait and support your friends and students from many different schools to shine in esports!