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Getting Triple Value and Cerberus is Never This Easy!

23 Juli 2020
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We know that you have been waiting for this kind of promo! It's not just getting the triple value bonus of your diamonds purchase, but you will also have a chance to win a very rare mount, Cerberus!

The minimum amount of purchase is the 7390 denomination, and above. We will triple the number of diamonds that you purchased only at PayandPlay.

And, you will also get to participate in the following events:

1. Best Top-up Event

All of your purchases (starting from 7390 denom, and above) will be accumulated and by the end of the event period (22 July - 9 August 2020), we will pick two of the highest amount of purchase to be the winners!


1st winner - Cerberus mount and 1500 Fodder C
2nd winner - Cerberus mount and 1000 Fodder C

Note: there will be only two winners from all servers.


2. Lucky Draw Event

We are giving 5 (five) Pandawa Weapons to our lucky participants. Any user who purchases diamonds (starting from 7390 denom, and above) will automatically be joined in our Lucky Draw event!

We will randomly select our winners through the Roulette system (live stream) at the end of the event period (22 July - 9 August 2020).

These special offers of triple value bonus diamonds, top-up event, and the lucky draw would only be valid in the event period. So, make haste and purchase now, only at PayandPlay!