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Fastest Leveling Guide in Rise of Nowlin

08 Mei 2020
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Hi Legends, are you one of the players who have played Rise of Nowlin since it was launched by Dunia Games in January, but hasn't reached level 80 (level cap)? Maybe you are just too busy so you can't log in often, or perhaps you haven't applied these super-fast leveling tips!

LEVEL 1 - 40

This part is really easy! Just like any other MMORPGs, the initial levels are only an introduction to the features and basic understanding of your character. Well, you just need to follow the auto-questing feature in Rise of Nowlin and reach level 16. In this level, you have to determine the faction of your choice. This will determine which side you will defend in the never-ending war between LIGHT versus DARK in Rise of Nowlin!

The first tip for beginners is to use the Triple Exp Book item, which you can get after being online for one hour every day. This item is very IMBA because all the exp you get from killing monsters will be tripled, and last 1 hour! There are 3 books that you can get on the first day of playing, so use all three and make sure you have reached level 30 in just 3 hours, but higher is always better hehe ...

If you run out of quests, we recommend taking Fame Quest and get some honor points that you can exchange with free Artifact weapons! Don't forget to choose and join one of the Guilds at Rise of Nowlin so you can open a new quest series from the Guild Trial.

With all the tips above, your character should be in the range of level 40! Now you just have to get ready for leveling the next day!

LEVEL 40 - 50

At this phase, you can continue with some of the Daily Activities, which of course you have also done it while leveling 1 - 40. Besides that, you will remain to follow the Main Quest because the exp is still very large at this level.

LEVEL 50 - 60

If everything goes smoothly, your character should be level 50 in just three days. So, just maximize the remaining time left in the first week to break through level 60. How? Since you have done almost all of the main quests plus some fame quests, now you are entering the GRIND phase!

In other games, this grinding phase will be very boring, but players at Rise of Nowlin won't feel that way. Because of the availability of AFK feature that allows your character to automatically kill monsters around you within a range of 10m, 25m, or 40m. Make any necessary setup, including Health / Mana Potion supplies, pick-up items, and even returning to the spot if killed. While AFK Grinding, you can still do other things such as enhance equip, increase stats, shop at the Market, and many other things, even just chat at the Guild or talk on the channel ...

Well, your task is just looking for other players to complete your party quota of 5 people in each party so that the experience you get can be maximized. Especially if you are grinding on certain events that can double the experience!

LEVEL 60 - 70

After playing for about a week, your character has likely reached level 60. The phase to reach level 70 is arguably the most crucial because you have to decide either in focusing your level or prefer to increase your character's power first. If you want to pursue a level faster that means you must commit fully to grind a lot on a particular map.

As long as there is an AFK system, you can nonstop be leveling with full-parties, while still targeting several other important elements that can increase EXP in large numbers. Pay attention to the following things!

1. DAILY ACTIVITIES; which include features available every day (reset at midnight), like Nowlin Adventure. We recommend buying an Adventure Badge so you can work on the Senior Nowlin Adventure, which will give you a much greater experience even though the difficulty is of course increasing.

Next, work on the Bounty Tasks where you have a maximum of 10 times each day. Choose only red and yellow tasks for bigger exp. Then, do all three of the Camp Tasks, or you can continue working on the Guild / Nowlin Trial.

2. SPECIAL EVENTS; several other events can also boost exp such as Escort Mission, Night Celebration, and Reaping Day. Every day you can do the Escort Mission 3 times (+ 1 Escort Guild), both are awarding a fairly large amount of experience. That is only if your wagon doesn't break, got it?

Night Celebration is also a daily event that takes place every day at 10 PM GMT+7, on a different map. The task is to bring some tribute in the form of raw materials from lifeskills (mining, herb, cooking, skinning). The greater tribute you gave then much more exp to earn. Just remain still in the area around the Night Celebration for 20 minutes to raise as much as two exp bars.

Don't forget the Reaping Day! On certain days, this event is available for two hours where the exp of monsters you kill will be multiplied by three! Just imagine how much exp you can get while grinding and using the Triple Exp Book!!

3. PVP FEATURES; not just quests and events that give you experience, but you can also gain big exp from two of the PVP features in Rise of Nowlin. It's the Camp War feature (guild versus guild) or Light vs Dark (all factions). So, make sure to take note of the schedule of these two features. Unfortunately, for the loser, you will not get the exp.

PLEASE ATTENTION! Rise of Nowlin is one of the most intense and competitive mobile MMORPGs so that the clash between the two camps (Light and Dark) is endless and will never be at peace. So, be prepared for the worst scenario where your leveling process will be a bloody adventure or always being bothered by the enemy camps ...

But at least now you already know some quick leveling techniques at Rise of Nowlin, and hopefully it can help. We wish you good luck, Legends!