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How to Get a Perfect Score in Rise of Nowlin's Quizzes!

04 Mei 2020
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What quizzes take place every day at Rise of Nowlin with EXP rewards and various prizes? If you are a true Legends surely know the answer! Yup, you can get a big EXP for each correct answer through Daily and World quizzes on RON. Not to mention a number of additional prizes if you answer all the questions correctly. Well, want to know the answer and want to achieve a perfect score?


First, you need to know that there are many kinds of quizzes in Rise of Nowlin. In addition to Daily / World Quiz, RON has similar features such as Intelligence and some general questions that are also given when undergoing Ancient Elves. But, in this article, we specifically only discuss daily and world quizzes.

Taking place every day, starting at 11:30 GMT+7 until 14:00 GMT+7, both quizzes are very important to be missed by the players. Although the questions are still the same about the in-game features, the Daily and World Quiz have one difference which is the number of questions given. World Quiz has 20 questions while Daily Quiz only gives 10 questions.


Actually, the daily and world quiz function doesn't just give rewards for how many questions you answer, but also as a basic clue in the game especially for new players. So, the longer you play Rise of Nowlin, the more fluent you are guaranteed to answer all the questions correctly.

Besides the different amount of questions, the daily and world quizzes also available on different days. World Quiz only takes place three times each week; which is every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. So, on other days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) you will be presented with Daily Quiz.


Are the prizes the same? Of course, the rewards from the World Quiz are more promising, but by getting the perfect score in both quizzes, players will have the same chance to earn rewards (random) which includes Div. Gems P, A Refining Stone, Gold, EXP, Random Enhancer Bag, Random Soulstone Bag, Training Book, or Breakthrough Dust.


Full answers to the World / Daily Quiz on Rise of Nowlin, download HERE!