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[Rise of Nowlin] Special Offers in Ramadan Celebration

01 Mei 2020
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Ramadan 2020 is here! It is a beautiful season of giving, sharing, gifting, and enjoy happiness among each other. This goes the same with Rise of Nowlin, who will share our most generous promo ever for the whole month of May!

Rise of Nowlin is having Special Offers just for YOU, in this month ONLY! Get your chance and grab the TRIPLE VALUE benefits, exclusively through PAYANDPLAY! Are you ready for the RAMADAN FUNTASTIC CELEBRATION?

Starting from today, 1 - 31 May 2020 (at 2 PM GMT+7), you will be able to buy diamonds from a minimum denomination of 130 diamonds and earn triple of the amount! For example, if you buy 1,590 diamonds, then the amount that will you get is 4,770 diamonds!!!

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How to top-up via PAYANDPLAY? Just follow these simple steps below:

1. Visit the official site:
2. Login, or Register if you do not have PayandPlay account yet.
3. After that, click the TOP UP button in the Rise of Nowlin section.
4. Then select your 'COUNTRY' & 'PAYMENT CHANNEL' that you prefer.
5. On the next page, choose the DENOMINATION that you want to buy and complete your transaction.
6. Once you have completed all the processes, SERIAL CODE will be available for you to redeem in the game.

What are you waiting for, Legends! Use this rare opportunity to strengthen your character with our RAMADAN FUNTASTIC CELEBRATION promotion deals, and be the strongest hero in Rise of Nowlin!


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