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6 Overpowered Heroes in Mobile Legends 2020

30 Maret 2020
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Any mobile gamer fans must have known Mobile Legends, or at least try the popular Mobile MOBA from Moonton. Besides the simple gameplay with the favorite genre as MOBA, Mobile Legends also brings out so many hero characters to play with. Those heroes are unique and possess their characteristic skills for each role.

But, every season reset, Moonton implements a routine update (including to add new heroes) to make the gameplay more complex and balance. Therefore, all Mobile Legends players should be able to play with many different heroes which are specifically got buffed after the new update. So, when the Season 16 rolled out last week, there are heroes that had been top picks in Ranked Games.

To give head-ups for you, here is our recommendation list of the 6 Overpowered Heroes in Mobile Legends - Season 16!

1. LING - Assassin

This hero is our top list for assassin role with its unbelievable useful skills in any team fight. Ling can leap to a wall and target the enemies without being hit while restoring its mana. Defiant Sword would be the skill to spam because of its short cooldown (2.5 secs) and extra critical chance (25%) for killing jungle monsters or enemies.


Its ultimate skill, Tempest of Blades, will make Ling invincible and untargeted for 2.5 secs. After that, Ling will launch an area damage skill and knock-ups enemies in that area. If Ling can collect 4 of the Tempest of Blades left in the area, his second skill will be refresh and returns all of his energy from Lightness Point. Ling is one of the favorite heroes in the game, along with some of the most deadly assassins such as Gusion or Hayabusa.

2. SILVANNA - Fighter

A rather new hero in Mobile Legends, but immediately earn her spot in most pick (also banned) fighter for this Season 16. Silvanna is a hybrid-fighter who also perform lethal magic damage to her enemies. Taking a role as Initiator and Charge, she is quite capable to start any team fight because of her unique skills.


The first skill, Cosmetic Lance is resulting in magic damage to all enemy heroes in ranged of her spear. If hit target, Silvanna will earn 40% more speed movement for 2 secs, and dash towards the enemy to give damage. Next combo would be using Spiral Strangling which pulls the enemy and attacks it six times with her spear. Then, the ultimate skill, Imperial Justice will entrap the closest enemy for 5 secs and gives massive magic damage. It would be a nightmare for any enemy heroes who meet Silvanna in one on one situation.

3. WANWAN - Marksman

Just like hero Fanny, many ML players consider Wanwan as a difficult hero to master because of the complicated ultimate skills. But if you already played her once or twice, this hero is quite easy to play with. The key to master her is your positioning!


Wanwan is a type of Marksman with complete capability. She had an immune skill, dash, CC effect, and of course her ability to crush any tank. Especially with the latest update which gives more flexibility for any Wanwan users to target enemy hero with her ultimate skill, Crossbow of Tang. Now, if you can attack all of the enemy weak points, you will be able to activate the ultimate and pick any enemy heroes in the skill ranged area, even a tank will melt with this skill.

4. CECILION - Mage

Cecilion is the second hero to be released in 2020. Based on his background story, he is the soulmate of Carmilla, a hero previously was also being released in the original server. Both heroes will have extra skill when in the same party. His passive skill, Skill Overflowing, will increase maximum mana every time he managed to land any skills. The big amount of mana that he had will impact directly on his skill damage.


Bat Impact, Cecilion's first skill, will give magic damage in his path of attacking skills. Interestingly, you can use this skill over again for 6 secs, but its mana consumption will gradually be added (2.5 times) when it cast. Sanguine Claws will act as CC to initiate team fight or breaking enemy positioning. The ultimate skill, Bats Feast has a similar effect as Jawhead's skill which launches several attacks to enemies around him. While the skill is active, Cecilion will boost movement speed and immune ability against slow debuff also regains HP each time the bats hit an enemy.

5. CARMILLA - Support

Carmilla is on the list not because of a lover of Cecilion, but she is the best support in Mobile Legends right now! Unlike any other support heroes, Carmilla can reduce enemy defense stats and also a CC effect skill. Start with her passive skill, Vampire Pact, which able to steal physical and magic defense of her enemies. Even though she is only able to steal it from one enemy, but the skill can be stacked 5 times and lasts for three seconds.


With Crimson Flower, Carmilla movement speed will increase 25% while summoning 2 Crimson Flowers to fly around her for 5 secs. Enemies who got hit by Crimson Flowers will get magic damage and slow effect. Her movement speed will also increase by 45% from Bloodbath skill (duration 3.5 secs). The most important skill for Carmilla as support will be the ultimate, Curse of Blood, which will make her jump four times to nearby heroes and add magic damage plus slow effect. The result is those heroes will be bound to each other and share damage with CC effect for about 50% of total damage. Imagine what will happen if Carmilla combined some powerful late-game heroes such as Aldous, or any other marksman!

6. ATLAS - Tank

This is a very amusing yet annoying tank ever in Mobile Legends till now. Because as a tank, Atlas can pull many enemies at once to a specific location, for example, your defense tower, just like skill 1 of Jawhead. It is also added by his first skill to slam the ground and make damage area impact for the enemies around him. Next, with his second skill, he releases a robot to launch the same first skill from two directions.


At last, the ultimate skill will pull all the enemies near him and jump together to a specific location. This skill can take five enemies by one pull and make them vulnerable to your team attacks.

Well, that's it folks, our recommendation list for 6 overpowered heroes in Mobile Legends Season 16 (2020) for each role. You could use some of the heroes in the list to have a much better chance of winning in Ranked Match. Each of them is not guaranteed to win since several factors had an impact on any team to win a match, and it all depends on how you play and your teamwork in the match.

If you have any other opinion of which heroes should be on the list, let us know and write them in our comment section below. Stay at home and happy playing ^_^