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Ragnarok Online is Infiltrating Free Fire!

12 Februari 2020
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Free Fire New Update with RO-themed Collaboration Contents!

Hi Twigster,

This announcement will have a great impact on fan gamers from two favorite online games! Free Fire players will have the opportunity to play with some unique items and characters based on Ragnarok Online franchises!

Garena, as the publisher of Free Fire, had made a deal with Gravity (Ragnarok Online developer) for bringing Ragnarok-themed contents to the popular survival game. It should be implemented on the Free Fire next update, on March 11!

The collaboration will include some cosmetics items, that all Free Fire players can purchase in-game. Or, they might be able to get them for free by playing more. These cosmetics will let players dress-up their characters with special outfits that represent some iconic things on Ragnarok Online. For example Porings or Assassin Cross.


You can also see Mr. Smile Mask coming to Free Fire, after the next update. It will surely make all players happy even for those who haven't played Ragnarok before.

One of the collaboration events will be named, "Give your friends a Poring Hat". In this event, you will have to invite your friends who haven't player Free Fire for a while to log back in. After accepting your invitation, and goes online, they will get these funny pink hats.


Making a memorable experience for Free Fire players seems to be the top priority for Garena. So, it should not be too surprised if Garena pulls something like this. Especially when both games, Free Fire and Ragnarok Online, can attract players from across generations, all over the world.

So, greatly thanks to both Garena dan Gravity for making it happens! I'm curious to see what other titles might have a collaboration with Free Fire next time, aren't you?