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Expensive (Unworthy) Heroes in Marvel Super War!

07 Februari 2020
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"Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with" - Iron Man

Marvel Super War makes a perfect combination of the full-packed action genre with a dozen favorite superheroes to choose from. There are so many iconic hero characters from Marvel Universe that you can play in Marvel Super War. Even if you are not a gamer, you would probably have seen the comic or movies once in your lifetime. So, having the power to control each of your favorite hero abilities is entertaining.


Unfortunately, all of your imaginations about how strong a hero is in a movie or comic are not well-presented in the game. For example, for those of you who already watched Captain Marvel (2018) or Avengers: End Game, you would expect Captain Marvel as a dominant powerful character. Instead, we put her in one of the expensive (unworthy) heroes in Marvel Super War! Why? And, who else on our list?

1. Captain Marvel

There is a way for Marvel Super War players to get Captain Marvel for free. After making your first purchase, you will be able to choose one of the three heroes available. They are Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and Captain America. I did pick Captain Marvel at that time, which makes me regret now because I should have just taken the 'real' Captain or even Scarlet Witch.


As a fighter, Captain Marvel is not that superior in a one-on-one situation with enemy heroes. She is literally weak with poor defense, and her damage is small when compared to other fighter's heroes.

Her dominant powers should have made her as the core hero in any lineups, but she is unarguable lacking speed to farm. In simple words, Captain Marvel is too slow to kill. Most of her abilities are not suitable either to farm or clearing lanes. She is very dependent on her ultimate skill in every fight.


Loki is worth to mention in a list of heroes in Marvel Super War with unique skills. But, he is not a strong one. He can transform into any other heroes, even creeps. Unfortunately, this ability doesn't have a significant purpose. The skill is unique because can even make Loki disappear from the minimap, but this skill lowers Loki's damage in a fight.


The ultimate does make a quite damaging area impact but in his role as mage or energy hero, Loki is not powerful enough. If you want him to be a vital part of any team fight, you should rely on other heroes in your lineup team formation.

3. War Machine

Aside from Iron Man, which is supposed to be in a similar area, War Machine does have some artillery weapons to go with. But, all of his skills don't have very big damage output. Instead, his durability is among the weakest heroes in Marvel Super War. The bottom line, this hero doesn't have such mobility as Iron Man and very fragile on team fights.


His lack of damage is still compensated by its debuff effect, even though it doesn't impactful in the late game. He can only make enemy heroes move slowly, but not enough damage to kill them. His ultimate skill is also considered to be a weak mechanism. His rain of bullets upon close-by enemies is too easy to avoid, and even when enemies were hit, it didn't have much damage to kill them.

4. Black Widow

In contrary to any other assassin heroes in Marvel Super War, Black Widow doesn't seem agile enough or possess a great damage outburst. Therefore, this protagonist iconic girl from Avengers squad is rarely used by players. The sticks she uses as weapons do not reflect her true ability as a powerful female agent.


Of course, Black Widow is known for her acrobatic abilities. This helps her to be a very agile hero, with a pretty quick skill cooldown. But, when going into a team fight, she will end up hurting a lot without any debuff skill or having thick health. It's only a matter of time before this hero gets revamped, so players will not feel in vain when they but her.

5. Deadpool

Too bad, the popular anti-hero doesn't live up to his reputation in Marvel Super War MOBA. Possess some unique skills with an unorthodox mechanism, Deadpool looks overprice with the low damage outburst. You can change either to fight as a melee hero with its double swords or playing from a long-range by utilizing his pistols but still not giving a significant damage impact.


Especially when going as a ranged hero, Deadpool is missing a ton of damage outputs. But, if you change it back into melee, he won't last very long because of his low mobility. Yup, he can dodge the enemy's attacks every time he switched weapons, but his slow movement makes him vulnerable. This character is surely fun to play, but if you want to have a persistent strong hero, better to pick other heroes.

So, do you agree on our list? Or, you have some other heroes to include with? Share also your most favorite heroes in Marvel Super War in the comment section. Keep updated with the latest and more interesting mobile game news, only here in Pay and Play!