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Aurora 7


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Aurora 7 is an adaptation game from a popular novel of the same name which tells a fantasy story where Aurora as the main character in the novel collects 7 Power of Lights belonging to seven fairyland

★  Unique  Fairy  Tales,  A  Story  You  Never  Knew  Before!
Explore  the  unknown  fairy  tales  world  where  the  battle  between  Light  and  Darkness  occurs  to  save  the  world!

★  Collect  All  Classic  Fairy  Tale  Characters!
Many  iconic  fairy  tale  characters  to  strengthen  your  party  including  Red  Riding  Hood,  Belle,  Alice,  Little  Mermaid,  Rapunzel  and  many  more!

★  Combine  Various  Realms  in  Your  Team!
Choose  the  realm  of  Oz,  Goddess,  Witch,  and  Fairy  Tale  characters  to  gain  the  advantage  in  battle!

★  Embrace  Power  of  Light  and  Darkness!
Awaken  the  Light  and  Darkness  power  within  you!  Your  choices  and  actions  are  decisive!

★  Immerse  yourself  in  a  Challenging  PVP  Team!
A  variety  of  PVP  features  whether  for  Solo,  Team  PVP,  Guild  Wars,  and  go  challenge  your  enemies  in  various  battle  modes!

★  Unique  Game  Events!
Lots  of  variety  of  game  events,  including  challenges  like  beating  the  Giant  from  “Jack  and  the  Beanstalk”!